Tax Help


If you want free help completing your tax return and you are on a low income, our trained Tax Help volunteers may be able to help you.

Tax Help operates from Mid July to 31 October each year.

Tax Help is a community-based program. Trained volunteers provide a free and confidential service to help people complete their tax returns at tax time. The program aims to provide both assistance and education for completing tax returns. These volunteers are people from within our community who receive training and support from ATO staff. Last year, 149 returns were completed and advice was given to a further 46 clients. Returns can be done online or paper based.

Volunteers are only able to help with fairly straightforward tax returns. They can help identify and record income received through:

  • pensions

  • Australian government benefits and allowances

  • salary or wages

  • dividends

  • managed funds

  • interest.

Am I eligible for Tax Help?

This year the program has been extended beyond low income earners. You are now eligible for Tax Help in 2018-19 if your income is around $60, 000 or less for the income year and you did not:

  • work as a contractor

  • run a business, including as a sole trader

  • have partnership or trust matters

  • sell shares or an investment property

  • own a rental property

  • have capital gains tax (CGT)

  • receive royalties

  • receive distributions from a trust, other than a managed fund

  • receive foreign income, other than a foreign pension or annuity


You need to have all relevant documentation prior to making your appointment (PAYG payment summary, Centrelink or Department of Veterans’ Affairs statement, Managed Fund statements, dividend statements, etc.). A full list of required documents is available at YNH.